Donnerstag, 30. Mai 2013

Day 7 - New York City

Time for a big city, time for NYC!

After a two and a half hour drive through ruff trffic we took the ferry to Manhattan.
It was pretty warm but cloudy.

After going some blocks we directly went into a bar.
My father in law needed a beer =D
This one was actualy pretty good.
Ask for Beer Authority in NYC ;)

We first went to Times Square.

Increddible place, any time!

Had to laugh at this again =D
Actualy I don´t know wha I dind´t took a picture last year or did I?

Such a bussy place, jet such a slow game.

Lego Star f**king Wars <3

Time for Ground Zero and it water was puring out of the clouds!

We only had two umbrellas so I decided to be a hero and left the one Nicole and I had to Nicole so she would get less wet.

I was soaking wet ;)

This pocho was 5! Dollars!!!!!

Found this in the Nintendo Store <3

Why not be a douchbag?

Just what I did all the time.


I´m a fucking fabulous princess!

They actualy had one and I even saw people riding bikes on it.
Amazing *irony off*

This is an aircraft museum.

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