Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2013

Day 3 - Atlantic City

Third day, first stop: Breakfast at Sunset Pier.

Everything you buy here is delicious!

After our breakfast stop it was time for Atlantic City.
I´ve been there beore but only to catch busses to New York and Washington.
We did a small shopping tour first.

Nike Store.
(As you can read ;D )

To infinity and beyond!

My new shoes.

After our little shoping experience we ate lunch at a steak house.

Perfect time for me to eat a salad ;)

After finishing our meal we took a look at the casino stripe of AC.

Looked like an animal.
Had to take a picture.

Some western themed area of AC casino stripe.

I´m a real german cowboy.

Like at home but closed =(

Sleeping instead of carrying other people´s asses.
Good guy!

Casino time!
So many people gambling arround it was increddible.
Can´t imagine what vegas is like.

No luck for me =(

I don´t belive it!


Plain vanilla picture of Hard Rock Cafe.

When I saw this I was like: 
Haha this guy is in prision because he might have ordered a killer for his ex-wife.
Just that night I read that he actualy did. 
Pretty sad.

Now some pictures of the seaside.
No comments.

First american smoothie since last october.
Way too seet. 
Mc Donald´s is better.

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