Sonntag, 19. Mai 2013

Sea Isle CIty

Apparently our house is near the beach so we decided to spend our firt´st da at the beach.

Unfortunately we had to stop chilling because we had to get a new car.
When we frove to see Nicole´s host family´s house,
we realised our car always pulled to the left. we checked the tire but it was ok.
We had to chenge the car.
Happily that wasn´t a problem at all.

Beeing at "home" I took the chance of taking a picture with my favourite US drink =D

After getting the new car, we went to Wawa to grab some luch.
I bever ordered a sandwich at Wawa´s before.

I simply put on everything I like.
Out came..

This super giant sub.
It was soooo full of stuff.

It was totaly satifying.

After that we went to the beach again-

And I was in the Atlantic Ocean for the first time of my life.
Not as cold as the Baltic Sea has been.

After eating dinner at home we went to a bar to see some of the other au pairs.

My first american beer this year.

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