Sonntag, 25. November 2012


On the weekend my family decided to do a trip to Rügen.
It´s an iseland in Mecklenburg.

This is the house my great granpa lived.

After having checked into our hotel we directly started to walk down to the beach (Baltic Sea <3!)
We passed a train station.

One of the few left over steam driven trains.

Feeding seagulls.

My dad is soooooo brave =D

Here are a bunch of photos I took at the beach.

Rusty gutter.
I don´t know it´s function.

Lost shoelace.

Natures faces.


Broken owl.

Free roots.

They where looking at the "Schwedenschanze"

My dad and me at a cliff.

Rügen cliffs.

Rusted anchors still work.

Dead! Dead! Dead! Fish-Eye-less

Family lunch.

After we ate we took the light railway.
One of the few left in Germany.

My dad is a huge fan of those train.
Trains in general.

Once In A While.

Week was as usual.
Christopher was sick and verry whinie.

Same size as MC D´s but "only" 1 € =D

On thursday I made Wraps with Christian.

Damn delicious!

Later we went to the "Lehramtsfete" for all teacher students.
It was very good.
But no pictures ;)

Mittwoch, 21. November 2012

This Ain´t A Party Blog!

Well, reflecting the last entrys on my blog, it semes like this is a blog about concerts and partys.
My life is awesome. (at this point)

We now have SKY in our flat.
Zapping through the new channes I found this one.
We can´t watch it though.
We´d have to pay for it =D

 Besides watching SKY my week passed as usual.

I first planned to visit some friends in Kiel on the weekend.
Tourned out they had no time. -.-
So I came up with other plans.
Friday Night Magic and a concert of course.
I won the FNM tournament on...
yeah right friday.

The concert was the first show for my friends band Banana Train.
They played with a swedish "hippie rock" band.
They where awesome. (both)
Don´t forgett to scroll down completely there are a few sentences waiting at the end for you ;)

Of course the concert hasn´t been the end of the night.
We drove from Schwerin to a big private party in Wismar.
It was awesome. I don´t got any pictures jet but I´ll try to get them as soon as possible.
(might never happen =D)
At about 4.15 am the police came and stopped the party due to loudness?!
End of our story ;)