Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2012

Italian Flavour

Beautiful butterfly... bad he will die soon =(

On monday the guys from Edward in Venice, an Italian band,
arived at Rostock. 

We went to a bar.

Played Billiard.

And Kicker.

On thursday Edward in Venice had a Show in Greifswald
with The tomb of Rasputin, Strike Me Down and Charley Noble.
I took some photos.




I love Orange.
To bad I can´t afford my own =/

Edward in Venice.

 Edward in Venice.

 Edward in Venice.

Strike Me Down.

Strike Me Down.

Charley Noble.

 Charley Noble.

Charley Noble.

Charley Noble.

Edward in Venice.

The show was simply amazing but the sound was way too loud =(

After we drove back with the Band Van, we decided to party on.
Well, only Alex did.
The others wanted to sleep.

First we went to the ST but it was full and they didn´t let anybody in.
So we walked to the Stadtpalast and...

...tadda partyed hard.
We stayed ther until the end and after they closed we went on to a bar.
At about eight we finaly got home to Christian´s.
The guys from edward in Venice wanted to get up at 10 AM
because the next show was a four hours drive away from Rostock.
The had to be there at 3 PM.
Well they got up shortly after 11 AM.
Being Italian the were absolutely chilled.
They left at 1 PM ;)

Thank you for he nice time guys!

Montag, 29. Oktober 2012

White And Nerdy!

This week wasn´t exciting at all.
Normal week of university.

Tuesday morning 7:45 AM.
Sitting in university.
Doing stuff for a class later that day.

On weekend I only went to band practise on friday night.

But on saturday we (me and my housemate)
drove to Schwerin to visit our friend and...
P.S.: Hansa Rostock!!!!

 Wait? "Because you´ll shurely miss german chocolate!"
Well I don´t.
Can have it any time I want to =P

N3rd5 4 l1f3!!!
(It´s leetspeak =D )

Part of my new deck I started.

Montag, 22. Oktober 2012

Dr. K!

From Thursday night (The Schwerin station photo) until saturday night not much happened.
Went to my grandmas for luch on friday, tried to visit my other grandma and my mother in law the evening but they wern´t at home. 
Later that night I was on band practise for the first time in about 2 month.
Saturday kinda he same. except for...
Go For The Throat (my hardcore band) had a show at Dr. K in Schwerin.

Professional Photobomb =D

  Testing the flash.


...and Robbin from Straszenbelag.

I was one of the five people listening to them =D

My Bro!

 Now some impressions of our show.

After the show we went to a bar called "Freischütz" pretty famous and well-attended.
They make the best pita I ever ate, 
so I told Hannes to order a half because I wasn´t that hungry at all.
He ordered a whole.
Sooooooo delicious ;)

Freitag, 19. Oktober 2012

Home Sweet Hole....

The first days back in Rostock were rough.
I am struggling with a hard jetlag.
I sourvived the days with about 3 hours sleep each.
Skipped my first class on monday.
Skipped my first two classes tuesday.
Missed my first class on wednesday.

 All my stuff from my journey.

Bought Ernst two six packs for lending me his amp for so long.
He only took one and said:"Kepp it for your mates."
Good guy =D

One of my never ending nights.
Taken at 4:30 am.

Today I made vegetarian hotdish?!? for my mates.


Part of the abandonned train station in Schwerin.

Montag, 15. Oktober 2012

....It´s A Long Way Home

 When I booked my flight some month ago I thought: "Take a late flight,
you will have more time with Nicole."
NY wasn´t planned there so I thought I would drive up to NY from New Jersey.
Nicole had to get her bus at 6pm.
My departure was 10.55pm -.-

I had to wait a fucking long time.

Smoothie...Nicole got me realy into them.
I was totaly pissed that I was not able to fnd our free medium fries.
(I´ll send it to you in my nex letter babe ;) )

But luck was on my side and I just got one with my Smoothie.


My best friend on the flight. 
Best smell ever.

View right before leaving amsterdam. 
It was rainig all the time before.
 I didn´t fell asleep on the flight to Amsterdam and on the airport I only slept for 30 minutes.
(Four hour stay!!!!)

This is beautiful.

I missed my regional train but there was an ICE that was overtaking the one I missed so everything turned out good
Thanks again to my equipment. =D

Finaly arriving in Rostock my mates and I went to my favourite Döner place.

" You´re all I ever know!"