Montag, 22. Oktober 2012

Dr. K!

From Thursday night (The Schwerin station photo) until saturday night not much happened.
Went to my grandmas for luch on friday, tried to visit my other grandma and my mother in law the evening but they wern´t at home. 
Later that night I was on band practise for the first time in about 2 month.
Saturday kinda he same. except for...
Go For The Throat (my hardcore band) had a show at Dr. K in Schwerin.

Professional Photobomb =D

  Testing the flash.


...and Robbin from Straszenbelag.

I was one of the five people listening to them =D

My Bro!

 Now some impressions of our show.

After the show we went to a bar called "Freischütz" pretty famous and well-attended.
They make the best pita I ever ate, 
so I told Hannes to order a half because I wasn´t that hungry at all.
He ordered a whole.
Sooooooo delicious ;)

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