Donnerstag, 30. Mai 2013

Day 7 - New York City

Time for a big city, time for NYC!

After a two and a half hour drive through ruff trffic we took the ferry to Manhattan.
It was pretty warm but cloudy.

After going some blocks we directly went into a bar.
My father in law needed a beer =D
This one was actualy pretty good.
Ask for Beer Authority in NYC ;)

We first went to Times Square.

Increddible place, any time!

Had to laugh at this again =D
Actualy I don´t know wha I dind´t took a picture last year or did I?

Such a bussy place, jet such a slow game.

Lego Star f**king Wars <3

Time for Ground Zero and it water was puring out of the clouds!

We only had two umbrellas so I decided to be a hero and left the one Nicole and I had to Nicole so she would get less wet.

I was soaking wet ;)

This pocho was 5! Dollars!!!!!

Found this in the Nintendo Store <3

Why not be a douchbag?

Just what I did all the time.


I´m a fucking fabulous princess!

They actualy had one and I even saw people riding bikes on it.
Amazing *irony off*

This is an aircraft museum.

Dienstag, 28. Mai 2013

Day 6 - Day Off

Well on wednesday we didn´t did much.
We went to the grocery store and...

...went to Arbys!

 I LOVE their Arbys Sauce and their curly fries so much!
Poorly they are no Arby´s in germany =(

Being german, beer is a big part of our culture.
Most of it is totaly different tou ours and I wouldn´t call it beer in every case but szill not the worst.

After all that shopping we chilled at the beach.

Day 5 - Washington DC

We headed to Washington on tuesday.
TIme to see some historical political stuff!
It was an 3 hour drive so not that much for the american average.

Delaware Memorial Bridge.

And the Toll Plaza. 
It feels like you had to pay toll like every five minutes.
That realy sucked balls but yeah, you had to.

I realy wantad to take a look at it but we had to drive through =(

We didn´t know where to go directly so we put in an adress at random.
This is what our navigation system lead us.
It semed to be an army area and you could here some gun noise.

Finaly arrived in Washington DC.

Swagin around at the Capitol.


Still the effects of hurricane cathrina.

Getting fresh.

Met the cool guy again =D

My new lens for my nex is fully manual.
Nicole took some pictures and I  told her to adjust the focus.
She realised that she had to do this like after 10 pictures failing xD

Not a focus on my face but still the best one =D

War Memorial.

One of the million Hot Dog stalls.

Squirrel <3

This was sooo good bt I can´t remember the name of the company.

Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2013

Day 4 - Ocean City And Murasaki

On monday it was time to do some sports and get active.

We got two bikes from our landlord, 
so that we had to rent two additional bikes.

We had fun...

...riding our bikes.

On our trip I saw a bounch of stuff.

Broken homes...

...and broken fences.

And a lot of idyllic houses like this one.

Nearly arrived in Ocean City.

My girl looks better.

Beautifull street art.

Yummy pizza for lunch.

German roots everywhrer you look.
I had to laugh so hard.

When I saw this I was like: Nice spot, if tjere will be more sunshine,
because it was cloudy in the morning,
I´m gonna come back take some more pictures.

Stupid me forgot the tides.

Cute little ladybug.

Of course something had to go wrong.
On the way back my saddle wasn´t firmly adjusted so I had to loosen it.
Semes lik I didn´t pulled the screw hard enough.
My saddle turned around and I made a front flip.

Last few miles.

 For dinner we went to the Murasaki, a japanes restaurant.
(Actualy lead by chinese people)

SOOOOO delicious!!!

Thats what they did for my father in law =D