Mittwoch, 22. Mai 2013

Day 2 - Cape May

Start of the day: Breakfast!

Pretty much like in Germany at home ;)

After that Cape May was on our plan.

We hoped for sunshine but it got more and more cloudy.

We want to a Shop for Handmade sweets.
I realy liked the packing.

Sweets for sweet =D

They sold something handmade there but I can´t remember what.
Colour still looks funny.

A lot of bikes for America.

I realy like this colourfull houses.

I love those porches.

For luch we went to the Lobster House. 
Like the nama already let´s you guess, a fish Restaurant.
Nothing for me ;)

Poor kids.

Lucky me, there was vegetarian pasta. quite delicious.

Like I said it was pretty cloudy but we wanted to go to the most south point of New Jersey.
There was a nice lighthouse but I couldn´t take any good pictures of it because it was closed.

On the beach was an old dugout of world war II to defend the coast against german submarines.
Actualy when war started german submarines landed on coast and some sailors even went into american bars to drink beer.

The dugout.

Old rusted memories.

After that we went some miles alomg the beach (by car ;D).
We wanted to watch the beautiful dawn but it was still cloudy. 

There was also a nice shipwreck. We just stayed there for 30 minutes and left to get back home because it started raining.

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