Dienstag, 28. Mai 2013

Day 5 - Washington DC

We headed to Washington on tuesday.
TIme to see some historical political stuff!
It was an 3 hour drive so not that much for the american average.

Delaware Memorial Bridge.

And the Toll Plaza. 
It feels like you had to pay toll like every five minutes.
That realy sucked balls but yeah, you had to.

I realy wantad to take a look at it but we had to drive through =(

We didn´t know where to go directly so we put in an adress at random.
This is what our navigation system lead us.
It semed to be an army area and you could here some gun noise.

Finaly arrived in Washington DC.

Swagin around at the Capitol.


Still the effects of hurricane cathrina.

Getting fresh.

Met the cool guy again =D

My new lens for my nex is fully manual.
Nicole took some pictures and I  told her to adjust the focus.
She realised that she had to do this like after 10 pictures failing xD

Not a focus on my face but still the best one =D

War Memorial.

One of the million Hot Dog stalls.

Squirrel <3

This was sooo good bt I can´t remember the name of the company.

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