Samstag, 18. Mai 2013

USA Once Again

This Thursday morning I had thegreat oportunity to visit my girlfriend for the second time.
I had to get up realy early and drive by train with my father in law and his girlfriend to Berlin.
It was a quite tourbulent journey because two days ago there was a accident on the rails and some trains got canceled, so that it was realy full at the end but we made it perfectly in time.

After we finaly arrived we were pretty happy but also a bit exhausted.
We still dind´t had rent a car but we were enthusiastic about getting a deal not beeing that bad.
At the first two car rentals we got shocked about the price but when we went to Alamo, everything worked out good.

Infront of our (first) car.

After a small stop at a service station to get some ice crem (the weather was beautifull),
we finaly arrived after a two hour ride.
We went to Acme to grab some food, made Dinner and went to bed, totaly exhausted.
(Sorry for less pictures but I didn´t wanted to put a lot of my parents in law online)

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