Mittwoch, 26. Juni 2013

Physics, Renovation And Fastfood.

Monday is theoretical physics day.
Like every monday we had to submit some homework.
I was the only one who was still due to present a task.
I wanted to pick an easy one so I had to trick my flat mate into presenting the harder one.

It ended in our docent eplaining what we had to do =D

On tuesday I decided to just chill for an hour with one of my friends and get more tan.

We drank a bit wine and listened to music. 
Perfect match.

We also read in some magazines.
Reading is important =D

The weekend was pretty bussy.
Saturday I worked my ass off taking photos of a wedding.

My well earned finished beer.

 On sunday I had to renovate my old flat.

For lunch my father surprisingly took us to Burger King.
He usualy hates fast food restaurants like BK and Mc Donalds.

And for dinner I ate with my flatmate and his girlfriend at Mc Donals =D

Dienstag, 18. Juni 2013

Sports Day And Family Birthday

On saturday I had to take some photos of my moms kindergardens sports day.
It took the whole morning to do this.

My mom had to carry me =D

After work reward =D

In the afternoon we went to a familys birthday party.
It was a 50th and 60th combined to one party.

I didn´t recived a nice flag with my name because they thought I stayed in Rostock.

I nearly won this game of chair dance.
Only got to the half final and didn´t wanted to kick out my great aunt ;)

Sonntag, 16. Juni 2013

Christians Birthday

Last Tueasday was the birthday of one of my best friends in Rostock.
We made a BBQ and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Donnerstag, 13. Juni 2013

Homebound Action

This weekend was pretty filled with stuff I did.
Friday after university,

Thats what we found in our lab.
They told us it was for "experiments". 
Shure =D

,I drove back home and tried to manage things for my new flat.

 Saturday I tried to do some work on my theoretical physics tasks.
Didn´t worked out good =D
But that night was also Dorfbums.

I wanted to do some physics on sunday, too. 
So I decided to be the driver.
(Best ugly car in the world!)

I was on that stage some years ago with my first band.

Straszenbelag played second. 
We didn´t made it to the first band because we were hanging out at the caar pretty long.

After that Larrikins played and the crowd started to move a bit =D

The best part of that night was the after show party.
It was the same venue we crashed a party early this year.
Good music and good people ;)

The next day I was up pretty late.
That was due to the fact that I went to bed at 4:30 AM!

My sister had a performance on the local castle festival.
It´s pretty big and expensive but I wanted to watch my sister,
so my mother payed for me =D

After the performance I walked around the area of the festival.

I was familiar to the years before so there was nothing actualy new for me to see.

We bought some falafel and the were pretty good but not as good as the ones my fafourite food place in Rostock makes.

After that we wen´t to my grandma´s and I mowed the lawn.

That´s pretty much what happened that day but wait.

After arriving in Rostock

I finaly got my record of No Omega <3!

Harbour BBQ

Well it´s already been a week and I´ve been pretty bussy so here is the first update from a week ago.
Weather that week was beautiful so we made a BBQ at the city harbour.

This place is simply awesome to chill on summer days.

I love this cheese!


Propably the best cheap beer in the world =D

Beer, food and music. Best things in the world! =D

Montag, 3. Juni 2013

Weekend With My Old Crew

This weekend was pretty oldschool style.
On Friday I arrived a bit more early at home.
First I drove to the new flat of my grandma with my prents.
After eating dinner I went to band practise.
For the first time in months!
It went pretty well but our singer and bass player didn´t show up.
We wrote them that if they don´t show up the next evening we would cancle our next concerts.
No answer.

After that we went to a friends and chilled at his garage.

The nxt day we practised with a new project we are about to set up. 
It´s gonna be a melodic hardcore band.

After that I ate cake with my grand parents because it was childrens day in germany.

We planned on riding our bikes to ludwigslust wich is about 10 or 12 kilometers away from Neustadt to have a BBQ in the Castle Park.
I made some veggi stuff at home and drove to my friend to pick him and his girlfriend up.
Arriving in Ludwigslust we got us some beers and again picked up a friend of us and his girlfriend ;)

Setting up the braizer.

Leave the tech stuff to the boys ;)

Burn baby burn!

Later we went to Tim´s flat, drunk bber played activity and talked about stuff.
I fell asleep somewhen around 3 I think.

First Week Back In Germany

After having a quite good but short sleep, I was able to get up pretty well for university.
Things went on as usual. except for one of my room mates moved out.

That means no table in the living room, only one sofa,
no toaster and no microwave.
Oh jeah I forgot to mention, no furniture in the bathroom anymore =D
Tuesday was also the day we burned our food.
Accidentaly ;)

Certain uncertainitys regarding my girlfriends stay in America made me forget about my toast in the oven. (only option without a toaster)
And my other room mate forgot his pizza.

The next evening I hung out at a friends of mine.

I cooked dinner.

And watched some movies.

This is stuff from a baking company.
It was so good.
Thanks to my room mate for paying my breakfast.

But he also pranked me when I left the room for only a minute.

Best table ever!

Dead animals are everywhere I walk.

Sonntag, 2. Juni 2013

Day 9 & 10 - Fishing Time And Time To Say Good Bye

On our last whole day we went on a fishing trip that was usualy planed for thursday.

The weather was realy good but like usual at sea side it was windy.

"Burry me at sea!"

I only caught two small fishes so that I had to throw them back into the water.

For dinner we went to a BBQ the family we rent the house from did for us.
They where so nice people.

Realy tasty starters.

The salsa is different to ours.
There is no tomato sauce stuff in it.
Realy spicy.
I didn´t took a picture of the actual BBQ because I was to bussy trying everything =D

After the BBQ we went to a bar and a Club but it wasn´t realy good because we weren´t in the mood and we had no money left ;)

Finalyit was our last day in the USA =(

I was realy sad to leave Nicole to her host family but I held back my tears until I was in my flat in Rostock.
Funny thing is that I only took pictures of drinks on the last day.

My last real Mtn Dew.

My last American beer.
(I drunk 2 at the airport we had left)

First thing I did after ariving at Hamburg´s Central Station:
Buy a German Mtn Dew. =D

Knowing I would suffer a huge jet lag, I bought some medicine though I strictly try not to take any chemicals if I don´t have to.
I ended up taking 5 of those to fall asleep (after beeing up for more than 30 hours!)