Mittwoch, 26. Juni 2013

Physics, Renovation And Fastfood.

Monday is theoretical physics day.
Like every monday we had to submit some homework.
I was the only one who was still due to present a task.
I wanted to pick an easy one so I had to trick my flat mate into presenting the harder one.

It ended in our docent eplaining what we had to do =D

On tuesday I decided to just chill for an hour with one of my friends and get more tan.

We drank a bit wine and listened to music. 
Perfect match.

We also read in some magazines.
Reading is important =D

The weekend was pretty bussy.
Saturday I worked my ass off taking photos of a wedding.

My well earned finished beer.

 On sunday I had to renovate my old flat.

For lunch my father surprisingly took us to Burger King.
He usualy hates fast food restaurants like BK and Mc Donalds.

And for dinner I ate with my flatmate and his girlfriend at Mc Donals =D

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