Sonntag, 2. Juni 2013

Day 8 - Sea Isle City Again

We wanted to go fishing on friday but the boat trip was canceled due to bad weather.
It was pretty windy and also a little bit rainy.
Plan B was the Bussines Plunge in Ocean City.
A plunge is something where everybody runs into the damn cold ocean.
This time all the bussinesman ran with suits into the water.
We missed it for about 5 minutes and everybody was leaving because of the bad weather.

Never the less we stayed for a while and enjoyed some food.
Eggplant pizza, simply awesome!

Vinyl´s <3 (you can see it on the left side)
I first thought I wouldn´t find anything.

I was wrong.
I didn´t picked up any used stuff but two new vinyls.
And I got a shirt from my girlfriend =D

On our way back we mada a stop at a beautiful beach.

This looks sooo strange.

Unfortunately it began to rain pretty hard so we had to leave =(

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