Montag, 3. Juni 2013

Weekend With My Old Crew

This weekend was pretty oldschool style.
On Friday I arrived a bit more early at home.
First I drove to the new flat of my grandma with my prents.
After eating dinner I went to band practise.
For the first time in months!
It went pretty well but our singer and bass player didn´t show up.
We wrote them that if they don´t show up the next evening we would cancle our next concerts.
No answer.

After that we went to a friends and chilled at his garage.

The nxt day we practised with a new project we are about to set up. 
It´s gonna be a melodic hardcore band.

After that I ate cake with my grand parents because it was childrens day in germany.

We planned on riding our bikes to ludwigslust wich is about 10 or 12 kilometers away from Neustadt to have a BBQ in the Castle Park.
I made some veggi stuff at home and drove to my friend to pick him and his girlfriend up.
Arriving in Ludwigslust we got us some beers and again picked up a friend of us and his girlfriend ;)

Setting up the braizer.

Leave the tech stuff to the boys ;)

Burn baby burn!

Later we went to Tim´s flat, drunk bber played activity and talked about stuff.
I fell asleep somewhen around 3 I think.

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