Sonntag, 2. Juni 2013

Day 9 & 10 - Fishing Time And Time To Say Good Bye

On our last whole day we went on a fishing trip that was usualy planed for thursday.

The weather was realy good but like usual at sea side it was windy.

"Burry me at sea!"

I only caught two small fishes so that I had to throw them back into the water.

For dinner we went to a BBQ the family we rent the house from did for us.
They where so nice people.

Realy tasty starters.

The salsa is different to ours.
There is no tomato sauce stuff in it.
Realy spicy.
I didn´t took a picture of the actual BBQ because I was to bussy trying everything =D

After the BBQ we went to a bar and a Club but it wasn´t realy good because we weren´t in the mood and we had no money left ;)

Finalyit was our last day in the USA =(

I was realy sad to leave Nicole to her host family but I held back my tears until I was in my flat in Rostock.
Funny thing is that I only took pictures of drinks on the last day.

My last real Mtn Dew.

My last American beer.
(I drunk 2 at the airport we had left)

First thing I did after ariving at Hamburg´s Central Station:
Buy a German Mtn Dew. =D

Knowing I would suffer a huge jet lag, I bought some medicine though I strictly try not to take any chemicals if I don´t have to.
I ended up taking 5 of those to fall asleep (after beeing up for more than 30 hours!)

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