Montag, 3. Juni 2013

First Week Back In Germany

After having a quite good but short sleep, I was able to get up pretty well for university.
Things went on as usual. except for one of my room mates moved out.

That means no table in the living room, only one sofa,
no toaster and no microwave.
Oh jeah I forgot to mention, no furniture in the bathroom anymore =D
Tuesday was also the day we burned our food.
Accidentaly ;)

Certain uncertainitys regarding my girlfriends stay in America made me forget about my toast in the oven. (only option without a toaster)
And my other room mate forgot his pizza.

The next evening I hung out at a friends of mine.

I cooked dinner.

And watched some movies.

This is stuff from a baking company.
It was so good.
Thanks to my room mate for paying my breakfast.

But he also pranked me when I left the room for only a minute.

Best table ever!

Dead animals are everywhere I walk.

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