Donnerstag, 13. Juni 2013

Homebound Action

This weekend was pretty filled with stuff I did.
Friday after university,

Thats what we found in our lab.
They told us it was for "experiments". 
Shure =D

,I drove back home and tried to manage things for my new flat.

 Saturday I tried to do some work on my theoretical physics tasks.
Didn´t worked out good =D
But that night was also Dorfbums.

I wanted to do some physics on sunday, too. 
So I decided to be the driver.
(Best ugly car in the world!)

I was on that stage some years ago with my first band.

Straszenbelag played second. 
We didn´t made it to the first band because we were hanging out at the caar pretty long.

After that Larrikins played and the crowd started to move a bit =D

The best part of that night was the after show party.
It was the same venue we crashed a party early this year.
Good music and good people ;)

The next day I was up pretty late.
That was due to the fact that I went to bed at 4:30 AM!

My sister had a performance on the local castle festival.
It´s pretty big and expensive but I wanted to watch my sister,
so my mother payed for me =D

After the performance I walked around the area of the festival.

I was familiar to the years before so there was nothing actualy new for me to see.

We bought some falafel and the were pretty good but not as good as the ones my fafourite food place in Rostock makes.

After that we wen´t to my grandma´s and I mowed the lawn.

That´s pretty much what happened that day but wait.

After arriving in Rostock

I finaly got my record of No Omega <3!

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