Montag, 1. Juli 2013

With Full Force XX - First Day

After all that shit going on with my new and old flat,
it was time to just forget about everything,
well nearly everything,
for at least some days.
Time for With Full Force XX!
It´s a pretty big metal and hardcore festival in the middle east of Germany.
We started our trip at about 12 and it took about 4 and a half hours with some small breaks.

the car was pretty full.

When you travel to Berlin or in it´s direction,
you always stop at this MC Donalds =D

Verry comfortable position for the last few kilometers.

When we arrived it was raining a little bit 
but shortly after arriving at our camp space it stoped
so that we could set up our tents.

Met some friends at the way to the stages.

Agnostic Front was the first band I saw.

After the last band we watched, we went to the party tent.
We didn´t stayed there long and went back to our place.

On the way we found one of our friends at some peoples place he knew from the years ago.
We talked a little bit to them, got a beer and left to go to bed.

We found one of our guys we were looking for in a tent of ours.

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