Mittwoch, 10. Juli 2013

With Full Force XX - Third And Last Day

Saturday started great with BBQ as usual.
But I forgot the time so I missed one band I hardly wanted to see.
Nothing bad at all.
So we drunk some more beer and went to the stages. 
I had a pretty big buzz, jumped onto the back of one of my mates and lost my phone (I think so).
I realised this about 100 meter after losing it.
I couldn´t find it.
I was so pissed and sad.
Went back to the camp ground and started drinking.
I went to the lost and found but they told me it wouldn´t be there until tomorrow.

Our nighbours had a nice beer bing.
I never tried one before.
It was amazing and I was like:"Waht? That was a beer? Give me one more!"
Thats how the crazy shit started.
After the alcohol running through my veins, we went back to the stages.
We didn´t watched any bandy so far, as we where busy with belly button hunting.
We asked a lot of girls to shwo us their belly buttons and it worked somehow =D

Of course my frind also showed of his magic skills to the girls =D

One of the girls of witch we saw the belly button.

So we walked around and passed some stores.
I strated to talk english to all the salesmen =D

Cute hat ;)

End of that whole belly button hunting was that we missed every band we wanted to see.

At night we went to the prty tent again. ate about 3 cups of noodles, totally wasted,
 went back to our tents, took some beer with us and... got another beer bong on the way back.
I was totaly wasted

Last Picture of that night.

I din´t took a lot of pictures on the last day,
simply because the battery was empty.

Getting sober =D

That´s peretty much all that we did untill somewhen in the evening.
We grabbed some food, took our car off the festival area and went to lost and found again.

After that we got some food and waited for KoRn to play.

I usualy buy a lot of merch at this festival.
This sunglass for 2 € was all I bought this year.

So I wore it he whole time, even at night when KoRn was playing.

Because SWAG is importanter than education.
(I hope you get it xD )

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