Dienstag, 14. Mai 2013

Tattoo Convention And Stupid STuff Vol. ICANTREMEMBER

This Weekend was a tattoo convention in Rostock.
A pretty small one but still nice.

Since it was small we run up and down about 99 times.
So we needed som breaks =D

There was a guy doing a freak show.
Including cutting cucumbers.
Tim picked one up and ate it. 
With me =D

After getting to bored we went to a friend of mine.
She lives in a students home but wasn´t at home.
Sombody though let us in =D
So we were sitting in the kitchen doing stupid stuff.

Like I said, stupid stuff.

We also let a get et inside, thinking it belonged to someone living there.
It didn´t. =D

Best drink ever. And a sausage.

Sir Mixxalot ;)

Next morning: Bathing hours =D

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