Mittwoch, 10. Oktober 2012

Washington... DC

  We went on a trip to Washington DC this saturday and just came back.
A lot of tourist pictueres, some were taken by me some by my girlfriend.
In this post I actualy will write a lot compared to my others ;)

Reading a tourist guide on the bus to Washington DC.

Arrival at Union Station. 
We were a bit confused.
Construction work on the metro.
We waited over an hour ran up and down and finaly a friend of my gf picked us up.

 We went to Chinatown to get some food.

 We ended up in a tapas bar.
Expensive and the waitress wasn´t good at all.
Missed our orders and even charged more money than he should!

 This is the view out of our hotel room.
Pictures of our room are at the end of the post. Amazing!

Our hotel: 1 Washington Circle.

Some statue.

Department of treasury I think.

And the front side of it.

Lincoln Memorial.

The great basin and my girfriend taking a picture of Lincoln Memorial.

Me and my bro Abraham.

 Stupid couple picture

My girlfriennds home for now.

War Memorial.

Now World War II Memorial ;)

Too much!

It´s not that easy for a girl to orientate.

Washington Monument and the girl that makes me a Washington Monument from time to time, too.

Lame couple picture.

WTF you wanna tell with this shit eh?!

National Museum of Natural History.
We kinda run through it and took a bunch of pictures ;)

Big mouth but no biceps!

Still dangerous.

Old bones and a pretty face.



 Nice skeleton.

The entrance hall was realy pretty.

Reminds me of a friend of mine ;)

Simply imitating animals.

That´s my boy!

My girlfriend likes such long thick stuff =D

I found the eye of Sauron!

On the way to grab food we saw the Old Post Office...

...with a nice food court inside.

And Hard fucking...

...expensive Rock Café!

We ate at a chinese restaurant in China Town.
Food was good waitress was not!

After that we went to the National Gallery Of Art.

We only ran through because our feet hurted.

One of my favourites.

We continued our walk to the Capitol.

This building is huge.

Unfortunately it started to rain so we decided to go back to our hotel.

Those newspaper whatevers are everywhere in citys.

The Metro of Washingon DC.

Finaly our hotel room.

Pretty and large.

For the last night, so yesterday, we went to Johnny Rockets. Deliciuous!

Nicole was realy sleepy today.
Sooooo cute <3

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