Montag, 15. Oktober 2012

....It´s A Long Way Home

 When I booked my flight some month ago I thought: "Take a late flight,
you will have more time with Nicole."
NY wasn´t planned there so I thought I would drive up to NY from New Jersey.
Nicole had to get her bus at 6pm.
My departure was 10.55pm -.-

I had to wait a fucking long time.

Smoothie...Nicole got me realy into them.
I was totaly pissed that I was not able to fnd our free medium fries.
(I´ll send it to you in my nex letter babe ;) )

But luck was on my side and I just got one with my Smoothie.


My best friend on the flight. 
Best smell ever.

View right before leaving amsterdam. 
It was rainig all the time before.
 I didn´t fell asleep on the flight to Amsterdam and on the airport I only slept for 30 minutes.
(Four hour stay!!!!)

This is beautiful.

I missed my regional train but there was an ICE that was overtaking the one I missed so everything turned out good
Thanks again to my equipment. =D

Finaly arriving in Rostock my mates and I went to my favourite Döner place.

" You´re all I ever know!"

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