Freitag, 12. Oktober 2012

New York Day One

Yesterday we traveled to New York via bus.
The bus was absolutely full so that Nicole and I got seperated.
I was in the first row she was in the last =(
Two hours without my babe =(((

We first checked into our hotel.
Compared to our room in washington this is a joke.
Plus it´s 50 $ more per night -.-
The first thing we did was leaving our room and heading to the Times Square.
We took a look at the Hard Rock Café and after than...

 We went to a BIG Toys´r´us store.

I totaly loved it there =D

Fuck jeah Thor!

We aslo visited the big Disney Store.

After that we walked around and desperately watched for a place to eat cheap.
On our way we found the Nintendo Store <3

Get all se consols <3

 All Pekémon stuff =D

Legend of Zelda: Motherf**king Link!

After we ate at a very good Brazilian restaurant we got back to the Times Square again.

I hate her for that!

Ground Zero...


Hello Kitty =D


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