Sonntag, 25. November 2012


On the weekend my family decided to do a trip to Rügen.
It´s an iseland in Mecklenburg.

This is the house my great granpa lived.

After having checked into our hotel we directly started to walk down to the beach (Baltic Sea <3!)
We passed a train station.

One of the few left over steam driven trains.

Feeding seagulls.

My dad is soooooo brave =D

Here are a bunch of photos I took at the beach.

Rusty gutter.
I don´t know it´s function.

Lost shoelace.

Natures faces.


Broken owl.

Free roots.

They where looking at the "Schwedenschanze"

My dad and me at a cliff.

Rügen cliffs.

Rusted anchors still work.

Dead! Dead! Dead! Fish-Eye-less

Family lunch.

After we ate we took the light railway.
One of the few left in Germany.

My dad is a huge fan of those train.
Trains in general.

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  1. super tolle Bilder baby :*
    wäre zu gerne dabei gewesen! Ich liebe dich!!!